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For us, being merciless is not a negative quality

You cannot define limits without testing limits – it’s that simple and yet so complex.

We check very precisely the stress our products can withstand, as even the best planning and construction is no substitute for tests – even if they almost always confirm the planning.

Our test process contains the entire spectrum of standard destructive and non-destructive testing:

Tests at Jungeblodt


Tests in external test laboratories

hardness testing (Brinell and Rockwell)
tensile testing
tensile testing on whole screws
notched-bar impact testing at room temperature and cryogenic temperature
determination of lateral expansion and crystalline shear zone
angular tensile testing on screws
head impact testing on screws
proof load testing on screws
proof load testing on nuts
expansion testing on nuts
bending testing

Non-destructive testing
material identification testing
ultrasound testing
magnet powder testing
dye penetrant testing
visual inspection
dimensional inspection/initial sampling inspection


Vickers hardness test
hot tensile testing
creep testing
intercrystalline corrosion testing
structural analysis incl. ground and photograph
size grading incl. ground and photograph
purity determination
sulphur print according to Baumann
product analysis
surface decarborisation testing
dynamic fatigue test

further tests upon request

We always have certified test personnel at our disposal:

  • Method VT, UT, MT, PT according to ASNT-TC-1A Level, I, II and III
  • Method VT, UT, MT, PT according to DIN EN 9172 levels I, II and III