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At a surface glance

Aside from the base material, the surface finishing is of crucial significance for the optimum quality of the product.

Along with our partners, we offer the following alternatives:

Corrosion protection:
- galvanic zinc-plating with the following types of chromating:
   e.g. black, yellow, olive, blue
- galvanic zinc-plating with thick-film passivation
- zinc flake coatings
- hot-dip galvanising
- phosphatising
- galvanic zinc-plating
- galvanic silver-plating
- galvanic nickel-plating
- zinc-iron, black
- non-electric nickel-plating
- staining and passivating
- chromium-plating
- Molykote
- PU coatings
- Xylan
- OKS 3400 A
- Tectyl
- Wetterwart ZPX
- 2K coatings
- 1K coatings
- additional coatings on request

Wear protection:
- liquid nitriding
- gas nitriding
- plasma nitriding
- case hardening
- inductive hardening